When I started Grind Coffee Bar in 2009, the last thing I thought I'd be doing 7 years later is having to find a new company name, but I honestly believe the last 7 years have just been preparing me for what's ahead. 

This year holds a lot of very exciting opportunities for us as a company including new locations, events and music festivals, expansion of our coffee roasting business, and partnerships with some very influential people and organisations. But before any of this can happen... We need a new name! 

We're having to rebrand simply because of some complications with protecting the word 'Grind'. But the good news is, it's still going to be the same incredible coffee served by the same passionate team of people, and I can honestly say on behalf of everyone involved, we've never been more excited for what's ahead of us.

So, we're excited to announce that Grind Coffee Bar is now officially... 

Ground Coffee Society! 


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